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Thank You all for joining us !
Please Help Keren Aniyem continue our great work

To donate by phone please call


Checks can be sent to:
5014 16th Ave Ste 121
Brooklyn NY 11204

What We Do?

Keren Aniyem embraces struggling families who reach for help. The main source of aid is monthly stipends for basic food, clothing and utility bills. Emergency funds for medical crises or stopping a rent eviction are provided as well...

Who We Help?

It may be the man sitting next to you in shul, your neighbor across the street, or your daughter’s best friend. Our recipients are hard working people, who are unable to make ends meet without our help...

 Executive Leadership

Our work is endorsed by leaders of the past and יבלחט"א  today's generation. On this page, you can read some of their letters of haskama to our organization. 

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