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Purim Baskets


To all our loyal customers,

We appreciate your support of needy families in our communities by purchasing our Shalach Manos baskets over the years. We were the first to run this type of project to benefit the needy.

This year, we have begun a partnership with YACHAD, a chesed organization that addresses the needs of disabled individuals in our community, to offer shalach manos baskets. While we will no longer be assembling these baskets, you can still obtain high-quality items at a very fair price, while your purchase assists KEREN ANIYEM, as well as YACHAD.

Please contact YACHAD at, 855-505-7500, and use the coupon code KEREN5779, or write it in the ‘Notes/Special Instructions’ section– this will insure that our organization continues to benefit from your generosity and support.


Here’s why we made this decision:

For all these years, this Purim fundraising effort was spearheaded by Mrs. Susie Gulkowitz, who originated and ran this special program as a project coordinator on a voluntary basis.

Each year, Susie designed the shalach manos baskets, and supervised the dedicated volunteers who came to help assemble them. She spent literally thousands upon thousands of hours to a project close to her heart. Although her energy hasn’t faded a bit, she felt that after 30 years, it was time to bring her involvement with the project to a close.

Her expertise was so unique that we cannot effectively run this project without her, and still maintain the quality and popularity of our product line.

There is no way to express our gratitude to Susie, her husband, HaRav Aharon Gulkowitz, shlita, and yes, their entire mishpachah, for their assistance over these 30 years. May their efforts on behalf of thousands of needy families be an everlasting zechus to them all.

Thanks again for your support, as we continue to provide monthly financial stipends to hundreds of needy families in our communities. 



The Board of Directors of Keren Aniyem

Abe Diamond, President

We are the direct link between you and the needy. Financial stipends are mailed to the needy on a monthly basis with additional funds during times of excessive need.

All this is done with utmost discretion in order to save the recipient any unnecessary embarrassment.

Emotional 2 minute video about Keren Aniyem

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