About Keren Aniyem

PURIM is a time of happiness and giving. By sending Mishloach Manos, you are fulfilling one mitzvah. By ordering your Mishloach Manos from Keren Aniyem, you can fulfill two; Mishloach Manos and Matanos L’evyonim.  The aniyem of Keren Aniyem are people in need. Keren Aniyem’s staff of volunteers are dedicated to supporting the needy for the past 30 years. Founded under the guidance of Rav Moshe Feinstein, Keren Aniyem supports hundreds of families, providing funding for food, shelter, clothing and other vital requirements. Keren Aniyem maintains an annual budget of over half a million dollars, providing monthly and holiday stipends, and provides emergency aid in health crises. Keren Aniyem has been serving as the faithful link between those who give and those who need, anonymously, meeting the requirements of the highest form of charity.  Enjoy this Purim knowing that you are doing the most you can by fulfilling two mitzvos. You are giving Mishloach Manos as well as helping those who need it most.